IDG Contributor Network: The agile transformation and test automation

The drive toward using agile as a development methodology that recognizes that testing is an integral part of development, not a separate phase, has transformed the software industry.

The trend of quick development iterations rather than long cycles supported by smaller teams of six to nine versus 50-plus people has changed the entire business model of software development. No longer do you need $10 million and a VC to back you. No longer are you developing for a year before releasing the product. No longer are you constrained by a software packaging model that requires people to download the software or go buy it at the store.

We’ve also seen many changes in the planning and management of the development cycle. As teams learn and adapt to agile, customized implementations in the process will further impact the industry.

One of the biggest changes is the drive toward short iterations. Quick iterations every two weeks makes a huge difference in how the project is managed from a QA perspective. With this approach, you’re biting off small pieces to develop, test, and deliver rather than focusing on one big release. Rather than attack a big software release, a few features, functions, or parts of functions at a time are the focus.

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