IDG Contributor Network: Salesforce Community with custom objects in a flow

Last year, I wrote about Revisiting the question of build versus buy for web portal solutions, which was greatly inspired by the reduction in solid portal offerings that began about a decade ago. The dearth in offerings is a result of acquisitions by vendors who prefer that portals work only (or, at least, easily) with their own products.

While I’m not a big fan of architectures that lead to vendor lockin, there are situations where the portal is focused on exposing a certain view of a specific application and it is best if that is built by the same vendor as the application itself. Case in point: Salesforce Community Cloud.

Salesforce has been rapidly improving its Community Cloud product with more features and easier management. I believe this is partly fueled by the demise of pure-play portals that can surface Salesforce functionality using the great Salesforce APIs (Liferay being the exception), and partly a smart move to increase Salesforce revenue while reducing customer costs for high API traffic.

Whatever the drivers, I like where it is going. Though, like any technology on a rapid growth curve, there are some bumps along the way. One such bump is puzzling out all the different permissions involved to provide various functionalities. Generally, these bumps are easily overcome thanks to the active SFDC user community. Recently I ran across something that was not so easily solved and thought I would share it here.

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